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Alien eyes!

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If you are (well, were) a reader of this blog, by seeing the topic you'll think this is something totally not related to aliens but to some philosophical bullshit. But this IS about aliens and specially about their eyes… and of course some bullshit.

What's so special about alien eyes? Well, the most common type of aliens have huge eyes and they cover up almost one fourth of the total face area. Since I am a proud alien fan, (Since I'm a proud Sri Lankan, there is no reason for me to stay behind from being proud of been an alien fan :P) I was in touch with most of the upcoming news and stuff about them for a long time. May be during the whole life passed. X-files, Mulder and Scully were huge parts of it. I even got a copy of the 1st print of the book by Mr. Sanjeewa Bandara named, 'Pitasakwala Jeeween' when I was at 9th or 10th grade. Since then it has been printed several times and the size of it tripled as I noticed. More evidences stuffed.

So that's that. Now the eyes.. yes they are big. And why? I hadn't have given it a thought before and while watching a documentary about them recently, it came to me as an undisputable fact that aliens are more evolved than us! Evolution, after all. Because they use their eyes more, they've evolved larger (and probably complex) to gain more light or control the light they observe.

Think of ourselves for a moment. Nowadays, we use our eyes more keenly than ever. Since reading became an inevitable condition in life in the beginning of the 20th century, we started to use our eyes vibrantly. Well, people can argue with the time it started but it's true that more white-collar jobs appeared on the beginning of 20th century. So the ability of reading and good eye sight became a must. Today, without accounting the job a person is doing, reading is a must have ability to live a better life and a good eye sight is also a must have condition. The growth of information technology has made the society an information society and no matter the news is needed or not, it has become a condition for a living person to be known-all. So people read more than ever currently. Not to be a known-all of course ;-)

Humans never used their eyes like we do today. And It's gonna be tougher in the future without any doubt. So the development of our eyes is a must. I don't think our eyes are not designed to bear the stress we're going to face in the future. So if the human evolution is going to take place in the future, eyes will be a critical part which is going to have the effect most. Well, of course unless a device like brain cap is invented as Sir Arthur C. Clarke predicted in 3001:the final odyssey.

So back to aliens, I think the reason for their big eyes is evolution. I know it could be hilarious for most of the people but it's about what you believe after all. From logic, I believe there could be life sustainable planets on the universe other than earth, there are intelligent life forms inhabiting, some of them are evolved for billions of human years, they are capable of beating the limit of light and some of them are meddling with humans for a long time. I even like to believe that humans are a hybrid species and there is no missing link.

And if you like to watch some really awesome documentaries about the movement of 'Alien fans', here are some torrent links.

the day before disclosure

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  1. Really strange large dark eyes with neon blue flecks. The flecks are fairly large in shape, larger than a fleck but I don't have a more suitable word, and appear stable. The flecks don't flicker.


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