Friday, November 11, 2011

Why should I worry?

I know I have to complete the quest I started about religions and stuff. It's again the laziness which punches me time to time. So I'm just gonna end this up with the conclusion of the conversation I had with my friend.

And I'm gonna sleep for sometime.

The conclusive point my friend took there was "my death". Since I'm an atheist and not committed to any social group, how my after death preparations will proceed? It' was an ultimate problem for him. Well, I was thinking about it for some time. Actually for a long time. I've taken a decision for some time and that's it about it.

I don't care.

I don't care about what will happen after my death. Should anyone be worried about that? I don't think so. Since I got nothing to possess and to lose, I'm not worried about myself at all. Why worrying about my corpse?

If I've had a good life with friends and relations when I'm dying, they'll care about it. I'm gonna prepare a will mentioning that my funeral should be done within hours and no religious thing should be done ;-) Since my friends and relations are religious, should I mention if they did religious funeral with my corpse, I'll come as a ghost and scare them? :D Anyway, If I'm gonna be a loner and away from all the loved ones, still I'll make friends around to do whatever they want to do with my body. Otherwise it'll be tasted by dogs and crows if the government failed to dispose it at the time.

But apart from all, I'm planning to donate my body to a medical college so they can experiment on one of the extincting species on earth.

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