Saturday, October 2, 2010

Happiness standardized!

I am being happy and happiness is the key keeps us alive and running. Unless we might not be this much around and talking even with the world outside the internet. Somehow people are trying to be in a happy mood all the time and being happy is the main point of living as people say.

What I see for a long time is that the happiness is standardized! People are doing the same thing to be happy and they are correct as far as the activity make them happy. But is it the real happiness?

I have no idea and I'm not pointing my finger at anyone because I have no right to question anyone's happiness. Whether it is standardized or not, it's that person which is being happy and I have no right to ask him why.

But I see they are doing what their neighbour does to be happy and they just believe by doing what THE OTHER does will make them happy but is it really the truth? Isn't it just the feeling of being higher than THE OTHER. Isn't it miserable?

People are happy with their families, education, jobs and achievements and yet the happiness is far beyond.

What is happiness at all rather than being high. I guess not being anything or anyone will surely make us happy for free.

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