Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Out of the box

The concept is wide and straightforward. It means thinking of something beyond the context which describs the context again. In a way no one has thought before. And that explanation is by me if i'm correct about the out of box concept.

What I've been thinking for years is that; is there a box actually? Or are there unlimited boxes one inside an other? One may think of something standing outside the box and still he's inside an other box.

Developing the idea, there are unlimited boxes sorrouoding any considering subject. Just as an onion. Anything has onion type layers which one can think of it standing on.

And that came from shrek. Remember the ogre which had layers?


  1. Standardization it self was an out of the box strategy before it was implemented....yet now we consider it as the box.......

  2. Yes machan, standardization is also a layer. Every concept is once out of the box when it is invented and becoming standardized. Letting an other one to be out of box.

  3. Yes obviously that's what happened. Everything's out of the box and with our efforts to put them in to the box some or other goes out again. we are incessantly in and out of many boxes which I believe is already-a-system inescapable.


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