Monday, August 30, 2010


Watched few movies over the past few days and now bored as usual. There are times that I feel as to watch a movie and that lasts for days until I complete about 10 movies straight. Same happened during the last week and watched the following.

Becoming Jane - The story of the famous writer Jane Austin. It's a great love story

Superman Returns - As the name implies, it's the last Superman Movie so far

Hilary and Jackie - This is about two sisters who had there souls bond together in a manner. A musical story.

The Classic - A beautiful Korian Love story. A girl reads her mothers diary and experiencing the same events as her mother did and finally moving to a happy ending.

The Animatrix - Always wanted to watch this but last week was the time for it.

Toy Story 1 & II - Had watched both of the films few times but I got a HD copies and watched again.

The Ugly Duckling and me - Same issue as the previous but I never remembered this one.

Back to the future I, II & III - A friend asked for these and found on my movie collection. Watched again...

La Maison Du Bonheur - This is a French story about a man who risks everything for a present to his wife. And how he makes to gain what he lost. A great movie with the usual fast moving of French Movies.

I also found a good way to find movies to watch and that is checking blogger profiles of the bloggers. As you know the blogger and his/her taste, there is a fair chance that you might get a hint of some good movies from a blogger's profile. Try it out!


  1. i've only seen Back to the future I, II & III, Becoming Jane, Animatrix ,Superman returns & Toy Story 1,II & II from the list......:)).

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