Sunday, August 15, 2010

Life : A tree....

Living on life is just like climbing a tree... to win, we must climb up to the top branch and we have to know how much strong the top branch to hold us. Not everyone can win since the selection is optional. The branches we choose are the guide itself to the path it reaches. So it's not guaranteed everyone will reach the top. Some will stay at the end of horizontal branch thinking he has won. Some may look around and realize there are some more branches upside and find a way to get to them.

All are in the ceaseless journey to the top of the tree and the tree itself grows alone.

After all it's all a comparative game we play... If one need to stop, still he might made wanted to need to climb to the top.

It's how it happens. We'll just need to remember to check the branch before step in. Coz it might be a dead weak branch.


  1. I wish life would be a bamboo tree....coz the higher you grow...The lower you go....The higher you reach more humble you be....though your hollow within....the crust is harder....yes you will move in the wind....but will never be broken....."plaint like a bamboo".....

  2. You are absolutely right. Life's like climbing a tree and we need to make sure the branches are strong enough to be in.unless the consequences are pretty deadly, and I agree with Shadow as well.

  3. @ Shadow - I think life should be some other tree with lot of branches... Since the end of every branch will make you think if you really ought to. May be even the top will make you think so.
    The reason you choose the bamboo tree is clear but I know it's not what we do climb...

    @ Nadee - The problem is, We are not the person who choose the branch to step in... We are forced lot of times... :-(


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