Monday, August 2, 2010

Being an Alcoholic?

I've been thinking of this for few days and still I can't figure it out. Since I'm not a daily/weekly drinker or since myself cannot be put to any sort of alcoholic category (though I used to promote drinking with my fellow blogger මරණය - The Death ), It seems I'm quite good with drinking now.

I used to work in Colombo for almost 8 years, and I believe that duration is the best ever I've had so far in my life. It means I got a hell of a free time (without any kind of adult interference) to be with various kinds of people and made lot of friends. Now I do work in Badulla, my home town, in a government institute and visit my girlfriend at Colombo every month. I'm a good boy at home and with the office staff. I act like I've never even smelled a bottle of alcohol. (Well that's for my own safety of not being addicted :D)

I visit my friends during the few days I stay at Colombo and it's for nothing but for drink. Actually It's the reason we are mingling though. I also got some friends I met over the internet and hell! they also meet to drink! Likewise I got about 4 friend circles which are gathering around a bottle (or 2-3) while I'm there. And me, for the entire month at home not being drunk , having a really shaky time with drinks and cigarettes.

My problem is that for the past 2 sessions I was at Colombo, I never got drunk to my limit. It's not that I'm playing cheat games with the drink. I get almost up to the limit I usually do but I felt no drunk anymore. I wonder... Am I being alcoholic? Is my limit risen? so that I need some more to feel that I used to feel when I got the influence of it?

I'm waiting to test this scenario at the next time I'm gonna be there.


  1. as 4 me...i'm an alcoholic...thats 4 sure...coz my brain starts to wrk only when i hv sm...dnt knw its gd or bad...but i'v given up thinkin abt it long ago...:(

  2. Aha so u r frm Badulla? well nice to meet you. I've a question. Why u call urself a "rotter"?'s rather good to be a social drinker than a chronic drinker. :D

  3. @ Shadow - Seems I'm gonna think the same way bro :D

    @ Nadee - Yeah I am! Well seems I'm not quite fit with the ongoing system and for that, I'm no more than a rotter. About drinking, my problem is what I'm becoming... And I know I'll never be a chronicle one. :D


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