Monday, July 12, 2010

Blogging? Again? Oh Shit!

Well, It is a simple thought though. In a time which I was never been thinking of blogging, here I'm again with a different mask. It's been a year and more after I stopped blogging in Sinhala and nothing was lost. I've been with more blogging friends than ever during my mouth zipped period, and the credit goes affirmatively to her, which grabbed me and pulled me to the front. I know she's not gonna let me be myself for a long time again.

Some of the early time fellow bloggers have been asking me about blogging again and I was always been slippery and got away. But this is a breakthrough. This is not only to appear myself on the party, but to improve my poor usage practice in INGLISH ;-) and to make my thoughts directly processed in English without having translated.

As my dear friend STRANGER started a blog in his broken English, I thought I could make the same point and start the shit! So this will be there with all the usual and unusual things run through my brain veins.

Soooo to the advance readers, please correct my grammar and other everything if you feel I'm wrong. In a way, doing is learning neeee :-)

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  1. Hare, this is awesome..!!
    keep it up. ya, stranger started that blog after seeing my English blog.
    U can click that picture (මා නොවන මම) in my Sinhala blog and read the English one.
    Actually I STARTED blogging 2007/08 in English as I was not that much into Sinhala those days, but now I think I prefer Sinhala blogging more than anything.

    This is perfect, u keep it up.

  2. Thanks sis.... But I'm not sure of me that much... Lazyness is the key feature of me and I can really match that with MARANAYA. So we'll hope that I'll be here for a while....


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