Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Action is needed for Dengue

A friend of my office is in trouble for few weeks and during the last few days, It has became a problem of ours too. His wife is suffering with dengue and in a critical situation. Her lever is infected and the brain too. Thankfully she was a nurse and we are directly administrating the health services in the district hence she is specially treated. She was pregnant before to identify her illness as dengue and the child was taken out in a surgery. Child also was not healthy and still treats in an incubator.

Few days back doctors have said she will not be able to recover and there isn't anything they can do except waiting for a miracle. Then there was another injection or something they found which will control her bad situation but since it was expensive and rare, they took some time to find it.

Our staff is doing Bodhi Poojas every evening for 3 days and still there is no good news. And day by day there is a death happening caused by the dengue.

My friend is about 32 years old and his wife is just 29. They've got their whole future ahead with a 3 year old daughter and the new born child. If the things went wrong, It'll be a terrible shock for us all.

I'm very sad! and sad indeed about all the people... There are few more with the same issue and their lives are hanged in a thin thread.

Once when we needed to make people's mind about the bravery of the soldiers, there was a national plan for that and the idea pumped to people's heads by the media. When there was nothing on their minds.

I still can't understand why the government do not understand this dengue situation is something more like the war we once had. It is a war and people are the reason. Their habits of their living nature and how they treat the nature is the reason for this and to change that, we have to understand it as a war indeed. Media should make news of it and have to make people working on it. They have to pump the idea again and continue pumping. Otherwise as one of the critics of the sinhelese said, we'll forget it the next week.

There must be an action taken immediately to make people understand. And still it seems nothing happening.


  1. In my area, now they are checking all the gardens, ponds.. etc.. etc.. They say they will fine u if u get caught.
    So, yesterday I also put some chemicals so that it will be a prevention for the mosquito breeding places in my garden.

  2. Thats good you did it. My friend's wife got better and enjoying with her newborn child now. In our area it seems the dengue is being decreased.


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