Monday, October 4, 2010

Behind every great man there is a greater woman

This came to me in an E-mail and found interesting.

One night President Obama and his wife Michelle decided to do something out of routine and go for a casual dinner at a restaurant that wasn't too luxurious.

When they were seated, the owner of the restaurant asked the president's secret service if he could please speak to the First Lady in private. They obliged and Michelle had a conversation with the owner.

Following this conversation President Obama asked Michelle, why was he so interested in talking to you?

She mentioned that in her teenage years, he had been madly in love with her.

President Obama then said, "so if you had married him, you would now be the owner of this lovely restaurant" , to which Michelle responded, "no, if I had married him, he would now be President"

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Happiness standardized!

I am being happy and happiness is the key keeps us alive and running. Unless we might not be this much around and talking even with the world outside the internet. Somehow people are trying to be in a happy mood all the time and being happy is the main point of living as people say.

What I see for a long time is that the happiness is standardized! People are doing the same thing to be happy and they are correct as far as the activity make them happy. But is it the real happiness?

I have no idea and I'm not pointing my finger at anyone because I have no right to question anyone's happiness. Whether it is standardized or not, it's that person which is being happy and I have no right to ask him why.

But I see they are doing what their neighbour does to be happy and they just believe by doing what THE OTHER does will make them happy but is it really the truth? Isn't it just the feeling of being higher than THE OTHER. Isn't it miserable?

People are happy with their families, education, jobs and achievements and yet the happiness is far beyond.

What is happiness at all rather than being high. I guess not being anything or anyone will surely make us happy for free.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Out of the box

The concept is wide and straightforward. It means thinking of something beyond the context which describs the context again. In a way no one has thought before. And that explanation is by me if i'm correct about the out of box concept.

What I've been thinking for years is that; is there a box actually? Or are there unlimited boxes one inside an other? One may think of something standing outside the box and still he's inside an other box.

Developing the idea, there are unlimited boxes sorrouoding any considering subject. Just as an onion. Anything has onion type layers which one can think of it standing on.

And that came from shrek. Remember the ogre which had layers?

Monday, August 30, 2010


Watched few movies over the past few days and now bored as usual. There are times that I feel as to watch a movie and that lasts for days until I complete about 10 movies straight. Same happened during the last week and watched the following.

Becoming Jane - The story of the famous writer Jane Austin. It's a great love story

Superman Returns - As the name implies, it's the last Superman Movie so far

Hilary and Jackie - This is about two sisters who had there souls bond together in a manner. A musical story.

The Classic - A beautiful Korian Love story. A girl reads her mothers diary and experiencing the same events as her mother did and finally moving to a happy ending.

The Animatrix - Always wanted to watch this but last week was the time for it.

Toy Story 1 & II - Had watched both of the films few times but I got a HD copies and watched again.

The Ugly Duckling and me - Same issue as the previous but I never remembered this one.

Back to the future I, II & III - A friend asked for these and found on my movie collection. Watched again...

La Maison Du Bonheur - This is a French story about a man who risks everything for a present to his wife. And how he makes to gain what he lost. A great movie with the usual fast moving of French Movies.

I also found a good way to find movies to watch and that is checking blogger profiles of the bloggers. As you know the blogger and his/her taste, there is a fair chance that you might get a hint of some good movies from a blogger's profile. Try it out!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Perfect person...

All the people are thinking to be perfect. As we speak, write, think and even in some tiny things we do not really care... we want to be perfect. And the styles each of ourselves got are developed since we were a child and made us to be a perfect one...

So we believe we are perfect unconsciously and always wanting to avoid others finding a point of weakness. We really do! But the problem is, in an ever developing ever cumulating world, no one is perfect and no one can try... We are shown some religious idols which are meant to believe as perfect and we are guided by those religions to be as possible as them. To be perfect.

But we never follow them! We cannot and as I believe, those idols were not as much perfect as they made to.

So.... have you ever suffered from being wrong? Something you've done, something you've said, something you've written and read by hundreds of people...? Have you had the laughter of others? have you been humiliated by others by a fault you made...

I must say I have... a great deal of times I have... And I cannot assure that those moments have made me learn and have made me a complete person. I still get wrong sometimes and I know the same weak point have made me mistaken...

It's hard to find a perfect person who haven't intervened in such a situation and hence no one is perfect...

Point is, When one got wrong, the entire set of others are write! So the blame is more powerful... and what if one is right and all the others are wrong? I think the result is same....

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Life : A tree....

Living on life is just like climbing a tree... to win, we must climb up to the top branch and we have to know how much strong the top branch to hold us. Not everyone can win since the selection is optional. The branches we choose are the guide itself to the path it reaches. So it's not guaranteed everyone will reach the top. Some will stay at the end of horizontal branch thinking he has won. Some may look around and realize there are some more branches upside and find a way to get to them.

All are in the ceaseless journey to the top of the tree and the tree itself grows alone.

After all it's all a comparative game we play... If one need to stop, still he might made wanted to need to climb to the top.

It's how it happens. We'll just need to remember to check the branch before step in. Coz it might be a dead weak branch.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Being an Alcoholic?

I've been thinking of this for few days and still I can't figure it out. Since I'm not a daily/weekly drinker or since myself cannot be put to any sort of alcoholic category (though I used to promote drinking with my fellow blogger මරණය - The Death ), It seems I'm quite good with drinking now.

I used to work in Colombo for almost 8 years, and I believe that duration is the best ever I've had so far in my life. It means I got a hell of a free time (without any kind of adult interference) to be with various kinds of people and made lot of friends. Now I do work in Badulla, my home town, in a government institute and visit my girlfriend at Colombo every month. I'm a good boy at home and with the office staff. I act like I've never even smelled a bottle of alcohol. (Well that's for my own safety of not being addicted :D)

I visit my friends during the few days I stay at Colombo and it's for nothing but for drink. Actually It's the reason we are mingling though. I also got some friends I met over the internet and hell! they also meet to drink! Likewise I got about 4 friend circles which are gathering around a bottle (or 2-3) while I'm there. And me, for the entire month at home not being drunk , having a really shaky time with drinks and cigarettes.

My problem is that for the past 2 sessions I was at Colombo, I never got drunk to my limit. It's not that I'm playing cheat games with the drink. I get almost up to the limit I usually do but I felt no drunk anymore. I wonder... Am I being alcoholic? Is my limit risen? so that I need some more to feel that I used to feel when I got the influence of it?

I'm waiting to test this scenario at the next time I'm gonna be there.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Blog history

When I started blogging in sinhala, I used to write at least once a week or maybe some more. Then the rate dropped slightly when the ideas were no more bloggable. It doesn't mean the idea is not worth blogging but the weight it felt to me is not that much special to think as that it should be posted. It's the nature of the people. As every new thing comes to our life is much appreciated and hugged but after a few days it becomes usual and being not that much special. I cared for my mobile phone a lot when the days I brought it but after sometime it was nothing more than a phone to me.

I think it's the same theory with the ideas too. When a blog started and after we started blogging, It becomes our passion and we live on it for sometime. Since it makes us a little domain of ours to work with and because we get the appreciation we seek, Blogging make us available... for the rest of the world to see. And it's a kind of a place which we can pretend as the person we really want to be.

In my case, I was just using my yahoo mail account to forward mails and internet was nothing more to me. I've been doing that for almost 5-6 years until one day around April 2008, I got the membership of a local community site. It was a turning point of my life and that decision changed my life forever. Within few months I became a blogger and was enjoying it very much. As I mentioned earlier, it was the way I made myself cleared. The way I spared my thoughts and stuff.

After I met a girl, She vampired me and all my thoughts were pumping directly in to her. There was no need for me to write a blog since I was not having any thoughts left.

I still have the girl with me and the pumping process is not the same today. So there are some leftovers available.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


It's the nature of me to be lazy. Lazy at anytime but working. Right now at the office i'm in a complex task and still i'm lazy. Lazy of being and working but working :-(

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Action is needed for Dengue

A friend of my office is in trouble for few weeks and during the last few days, It has became a problem of ours too. His wife is suffering with dengue and in a critical situation. Her lever is infected and the brain too. Thankfully she was a nurse and we are directly administrating the health services in the district hence she is specially treated. She was pregnant before to identify her illness as dengue and the child was taken out in a surgery. Child also was not healthy and still treats in an incubator.

Few days back doctors have said she will not be able to recover and there isn't anything they can do except waiting for a miracle. Then there was another injection or something they found which will control her bad situation but since it was expensive and rare, they took some time to find it.

Our staff is doing Bodhi Poojas every evening for 3 days and still there is no good news. And day by day there is a death happening caused by the dengue.

My friend is about 32 years old and his wife is just 29. They've got their whole future ahead with a 3 year old daughter and the new born child. If the things went wrong, It'll be a terrible shock for us all.

I'm very sad! and sad indeed about all the people... There are few more with the same issue and their lives are hanged in a thin thread.

Once when we needed to make people's mind about the bravery of the soldiers, there was a national plan for that and the idea pumped to people's heads by the media. When there was nothing on their minds.

I still can't understand why the government do not understand this dengue situation is something more like the war we once had. It is a war and people are the reason. Their habits of their living nature and how they treat the nature is the reason for this and to change that, we have to understand it as a war indeed. Media should make news of it and have to make people working on it. They have to pump the idea again and continue pumping. Otherwise as one of the critics of the sinhelese said, we'll forget it the next week.

There must be an action taken immediately to make people understand. And still it seems nothing happening.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Blogging? Again? Oh Shit!

Well, It is a simple thought though. In a time which I was never been thinking of blogging, here I'm again with a different mask. It's been a year and more after I stopped blogging in Sinhala and nothing was lost. I've been with more blogging friends than ever during my mouth zipped period, and the credit goes affirmatively to her, which grabbed me and pulled me to the front. I know she's not gonna let me be myself for a long time again.

Some of the early time fellow bloggers have been asking me about blogging again and I was always been slippery and got away. But this is a breakthrough. This is not only to appear myself on the party, but to improve my poor usage practice in INGLISH ;-) and to make my thoughts directly processed in English without having translated.

As my dear friend STRANGER started a blog in his broken English, I thought I could make the same point and start the shit! So this will be there with all the usual and unusual things run through my brain veins.

Soooo to the advance readers, please correct my grammar and other everything if you feel I'm wrong. In a way, doing is learning neeee :-)

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