Friday, May 17, 2013

Alien eyes!

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If you are (well, were) a reader of this blog, by seeing the topic you'll think this is something totally not related to aliens but to some philosophical bullshit. But this IS about aliens and specially about their eyes… and of course some bullshit.

What's so special about alien eyes? Well, the most common type of aliens have huge eyes and they cover up almost one fourth of the total face area. Since I am a proud alien fan, (Since I'm a proud Sri Lankan, there is no reason for me to stay behind from being proud of been an alien fan :P) I was in touch with most of the upcoming news and stuff about them for a long time. May be during the whole life passed. X-files, Mulder and Scully were huge parts of it. I even got a copy of the 1st print of the book by Mr. Sanjeewa Bandara named, 'Pitasakwala Jeeween' when I was at 9th or 10th grade. Since then it has been printed several times and the size of it tripled as I noticed. More evidences stuffed.

So that's that. Now the eyes.. yes they are big. And why? I hadn't have given it a thought before and while watching a documentary about them recently, it came to me as an undisputable fact that aliens are more evolved than us! Evolution, after all. Because they use their eyes more, they've evolved larger (and probably complex) to gain more light or control the light they observe.

Think of ourselves for a moment. Nowadays, we use our eyes more keenly than ever. Since reading became an inevitable condition in life in the beginning of the 20th century, we started to use our eyes vibrantly. Well, people can argue with the time it started but it's true that more white-collar jobs appeared on the beginning of 20th century. So the ability of reading and good eye sight became a must. Today, without accounting the job a person is doing, reading is a must have ability to live a better life and a good eye sight is also a must have condition. The growth of information technology has made the society an information society and no matter the news is needed or not, it has become a condition for a living person to be known-all. So people read more than ever currently. Not to be a known-all of course ;-)

Humans never used their eyes like we do today. And It's gonna be tougher in the future without any doubt. So the development of our eyes is a must. I don't think our eyes are not designed to bear the stress we're going to face in the future. So if the human evolution is going to take place in the future, eyes will be a critical part which is going to have the effect most. Well, of course unless a device like brain cap is invented as Sir Arthur C. Clarke predicted in 3001:the final odyssey.

So back to aliens, I think the reason for their big eyes is evolution. I know it could be hilarious for most of the people but it's about what you believe after all. From logic, I believe there could be life sustainable planets on the universe other than earth, there are intelligent life forms inhabiting, some of them are evolved for billions of human years, they are capable of beating the limit of light and some of them are meddling with humans for a long time. I even like to believe that humans are a hybrid species and there is no missing link.

And if you like to watch some really awesome documentaries about the movement of 'Alien fans', here are some torrent links.

the day before disclosure

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

An unpleasant moment

I happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time today. It was the most unpleasant moment since…. Well, I don’t know… a long time. And to be honest, I have a sadly toned empty feeling that my appearance there made the moment more dirty. Though I had no other option, I had to stay dumb. And I have to suffer myself for that!

What if you were blamed by your superior in front of another colleague? Yes it surely is the most horrible thing to imagine at the office. And I’m sure that you’ll not agree on that without a second thought. Not only you and me, the management standards or anyone into the management study won’t agree with that. But it’s how the public offices run and hence the country runs!

An administrative officer (A lady who’s being prepared to be in civil service) with over 25 years of experience blamed on a young officer (A young girl who was doing her first job) with just one year experience. That was not fare to the extreme as I noticed. But I had no option as mentioned before. Her fault was not important but something she was been notified before. She had done it again with her mistake and had to take the blame and it was awful. I was doing a file search on the computer in the adjoining compartment which is separated with just a glass without window blinds. So the superior knew I was there and wanted me to get the massage as well, not because I’m doing the same mistake but because she wanted to show off. I couldn’t go away since I had to download the file for tomorrow's reference. Her voice was noisy of course. If I was not there at the moment, the girl might not have heard that much crap. (Thanks Ingirisi)

As I’ve learned, read and experienced, this is not an acceptable behavior by any superior and not the way to win the employees. Affirmatively not the best way for manage. She should have talk to the girl and explained. But all she did was shouting like she was having a pain in the ass. And that’s how the problems are being solved here. I guess this is the same with all the government offices. If not, hell you are a happy one.

The admin officer mentioned that the young officer should have read the protocols for the issue and first understand the situation before asking for advice from her. And she also mentioned that she’s not worth doing the subject and she’s the most unworthy person in the section. WTF! Does anyone say that to someone? I’m not that much educated but yes I understood it’s not good!

And the girl was crying for half an hour and was ashamed of facing me. I tried to be like I never heard anything but I was just fooling myself.

What’s important is what I thought later. If the admin officer is offending someone inferior as not qualified for the post. What about herself? Does anyone superior to her notifying that? I guess not, that’s the problem with the government sector. Unqualified people for decision making posts. And they take decisions hence drag the entire system to chaos.

All they have is a certificate which they earned from sleepless cramming. Have they got the human essence? How can someone expect efficient service from anyone if he’s not satisfied with the environment? But that’s how it is.

That’s how human resource is managed in government sector.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Judge a person all by yourself and...

Most of the times in my life, I’m being idle as a lazy person. Sometimes it’s giving me troubles but it’s who I am after all. People have to accept me on that condition even though I’m not in to make their plans unachieved.

So while doing various things which drives me time to time, I’m a lazy wimpy guy in a third of a quarter.

This is a time I spend most of the time being idle, doing nothing except the thing at the office. I also invented a smiley to simply identify ‘being nothing’. it’s <>. Just those lesser than and greater than symbols. That’s to mention that I’m being idle doing this and that and nothing specific. I text my girl that smiley when she asked ‘What the hell you are doing?’

So I’m so much not in to write this right now but the inner sorrow I suffered pulled myself into the terminal again.

It happened yesterday at the office. As we are the salary processing branch of a district office which process salaries of over 2000 employees, we were busy collecting and entering data to the database in past few holydays. Since there was a unofficial gossip saying the salary day is 22nd of February instead of 24th, We had to speed up the process in order to meet the deadline.

But a single member of the branch was missing. Let’s call her Akila. Akila is a newbie who started her duties about 5 months ago. She had given her line of work to another colleague (OK, her name was Geethika) and she was working as twice as much. Myself and my superior concerned the stuff and noticed some mistakes Akila had done. And those were some extreme mistakes, and surely not for the first time. Since we didn’t have proper authority to correct them, we had to wait for Akila to come and give her keys for the documents.

Until then we blamed on her with others. We blamed on her because she didn’t appear in a critical situation and for her irresponsibility for her work. We were in a total neglecting mood about her.

We never expected that the truth might be going to hurt us badly. But it happened. Akila’s story was revealed today, as a secret among few people. I’m not going to share it here but believe me it was so bad. She was hiding her problems from all of us and had her self being busy during working hours. It is an achievement to complete what she had completed before her absence. And the truth was shocking. And made our eyes wet, a little bit. And that sorrow was giving me a terrible pain during the whole day. I know it’s not going to get over by myself even after posting my thoughts here.

Never judge a person all by yourself.

That’s what I learnt from it. It was my mistake to blame her like that without knowing what the real story is. And the real story will never come out except by the coursing person him/herself. So without knowing the real situation, never blame a person. It’s surely hurt you later.

The root for my sorrow is that I believed myself as person who does not blame others like that. Yes, I’m usually not that kind of a person. I’m not a person who’ll take the first story as the truth and forget everything else. I’m usually giving all the others there chance and being the last one to have it. And even for ideas, I’m always keeping my stupid ideas for me while others are continuing with their stupider ideas. I’m just giving them the chance to have it all. Being satisfied with the things I already have.

But this! This suffers. I couldn’t see her face today after she came back from the vacation. I never spoke to her. I had her face visualized and noticed that there was a sad story inside her smile. And my superior and myself took a secret decision to help her out in her duties without letting her know.

That’s the least thing we can do to let her come out with her problems without thinking much about her work.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My worthless Rs.500.00

Today I went to my doctor to get consulted (What the hell, are there any other reasons for me to go to a Doc?) on my asthma situation which strikes me occasionally in these cold days. He asked the same question repetitively mixing together. And finally gave me the same medicine which I took from him about 14 years ago. Yes, for asthma, this is the second time I'm consulting a doc for 14 years. And the damn same one! That's the miraculous power of that pill he gave me last time.

I’m just gossiping around without being to the point which caused me to write this.

After coming back, I posted an FB status update saying it took Rs. 500.00 away and I understood the real meaning of ‘Arogya parama labha’. A quote from the Buddha. It means ‘being healthy is profitable’ simply.

Then I realized it’s not worth sharing because I usually spend more than that in a month for alcohol plus sometimes for smoke. And I haven’t complained about that to anyone, not even to myself. I’m not even worrying of billing my expenses for alcohol, never will think of sharing something like “Spent Rs. 1000.00 for the party with my friends”. Regarding those expenses, this Rs. 500.00 after 14 years is negligible.
Then the real strike began. Am I unconsciously thinking that drinking is bad? Since that’s the sudden thought came in to me to avoid the sorrow of Rs. 500.00, am I really a cheater in drinking? It’s like saying this to myself. “You spend much more on worthless alcohol without a word and you just worry about this damn Rs. 500.00 which will gain your health back.” And it means I’m not approving my drinking habits.

I collapsed!

I gave it a thought and some weird ideas came in. There should be a way to get rid of this frustration on myself and on alcohol. So I rethought it as this. Expenses for drinking are usual and it’s something I need to bear in sharing time with my friends. And I do know that I have to allocate a fair amount from my salary for that. So it’s something like paying a monthly bill for me. It’s like an amount already allocated. That’s the reason for me to not be worried about it.

But this; for health I’m soooo much a lazy guy. I think the best medicine for me is sleeping and I say it affirmatively. Better rest will make your healthy issues go away.

But if the sleep goes for days, you better go for some med no matter the portion of balls you spend from your body. Otherwise the entire world will come to eat your brain.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Live with ronnie at whompcomic

Ronnie is a fatty artists. He likes drawing comics, playing video games and those comic TV programs. He lives with Agrias. A Chinese girl. He also has an imaginative friend called 'Motivation Dude' and he's the one who forces Ronnie to draw.

Ronnie also has a girlfriend called Mai and she has gone away for further studies.

If you are a web comic lover, no problem. Go and live with Ronnie. And If you are not a web comic lover, you should start with this.

Go to press the << button to the very beginning and slowly come to the present! You'll enjoy it very much and surely will realize it's worth!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Why should I worry?

I know I have to complete the quest I started about religions and stuff. It's again the laziness which punches me time to time. So I'm just gonna end this up with the conclusion of the conversation I had with my friend.

And I'm gonna sleep for sometime.

The conclusive point my friend took there was "my death". Since I'm an atheist and not committed to any social group, how my after death preparations will proceed? It' was an ultimate problem for him. Well, I was thinking about it for some time. Actually for a long time. I've taken a decision for some time and that's it about it.

I don't care.

I don't care about what will happen after my death. Should anyone be worried about that? I don't think so. Since I got nothing to possess and to lose, I'm not worried about myself at all. Why worrying about my corpse?

If I've had a good life with friends and relations when I'm dying, they'll care about it. I'm gonna prepare a will mentioning that my funeral should be done within hours and no religious thing should be done ;-) Since my friends and relations are religious, should I mention if they did religious funeral with my corpse, I'll come as a ghost and scare them? :D Anyway, If I'm gonna be a loner and away from all the loved ones, still I'll make friends around to do whatever they want to do with my body. Otherwise it'll be tasted by dogs and crows if the government failed to dispose it at the time.

But apart from all, I'm planning to donate my body to a medical college so they can experiment on one of the extincting species on earth.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Living a lie!

A Friend who mistakenly happened to read my previous post is asking me whether I'm a religious person or not. And there was a fascinating discussion between him and me. I'm not gonna vomit everything here but some hilarious points, if I may say.

The friend was so much confused by hearing that I'm an atheist. (I do not prefer saying that because atheism has became something like a religion too. But I have no other words for what I am.) His confusion was fair because he saw me at my Father's and Aunt's funerals which happened during a year of time. He saw me worshiping monks rapidly then and there and smoothly getting done all the religious practices which are needed in a Sri Lankan funeral house. Also he had seen the pictures of me holding the Cheevaraya so devoutly at the Kathina Pinkama which was an event at my good friends place. He has been thinking that I was a very holy spiritual person and suddenly got confused by the post.

He asked me why all those religious rituals by me if I'm an atheist? The answer was simple. And it's a common answer for me in lot of cases. "This is Sri Lanka. And we are living in a community."

The community do not consider what really we are. All it needs from us is adhering to it's standards. So a religion for a person is a need and those rituals required by those religions are musts. In order to live in what we believe, we have to act a double. One is the real character with the believes of our true self and the other, the character community need in it's standards. Yes, it's a game of living among various other games we are in.

As my good friend Mr. Ganegoda say, living a lie is the game itself, with the system which prevents us living in our true selves. That scenario leaves us much to laugh. Mostly for the idiotic things we do by the name of the community.

So after all, I have a religion which comes handy with forms I have to fill, interviews I have to face and in any needed moments likewise. But still, I'm not religious by all means.